Jope SMB Overview

Jope offers customized SMB based on your target, production limitation, and productivity requirement. Our unique SMB are reliable, robust, and competitive in value with excellent qualities and services that you can trust.

Our Unique Design

High Pressure Unit
Our products are capable to operate under high pressure - up to 200 bar. High pressure units offer a wide range of adsorbent selection and yield even higher productivity than our competitor SMB.

Economically Efficient Valve Design
Our on-off valve units are flexible in design and can be easily modified with different configurations to be repurposed in the future.
Our rotary and centralized valve units offer simpler circuit to keep the cost down and provide a user-friendly operation and maintenance.

Patent One-step Ternary Design
While SMB is known for its outstanding capability to separate binary mixtures, Jope offers SMB with special design that can be used to separate both binary mixtures and more complex mixtures in just one simple step, saving a great amount of time and cost.

To get you started...

Contact us first to discuss what your target component and productivity are. No matter how difficult the separation is or how clean the process and final product needs to be, we will offer you a methodology and SMB system designed to address all your concerns at a reasonable cost.