Full Scale 5-in-1 SF-SMB

Supercritical Fluid SMB (SF-SMB)

Jope is the world’s first to apply supercritical fluid technology (SF) on a production scale SMB (SF-SMB). A SF-SMB offers a cleaner and greener production line and yields high purity and quality products. In Jope, all of our high pressure SMB can be equipped with a SF system to help you lower the cost in the long run and bring unique values to your products.

Our 5-in-1 SF-SMB

SFE:50 MPa with 5.0 L extractor
prep-SFC:50 kg/hr with 80 mm DAC column
prep-HPLC:100 L/hr with 80 mm DAC column
SMB:100 L/hr with 8 DAC columns
SF-SMB:50 kg/hr with 8 DAC columns
No. of Separators:5
No. of Pumps:6
Max. Operating Pressure:20 MPa
Max. Operating Temperature:60 ℃